Erectile dysfunction in diabetes

One of the most frequent and severe manifestations of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. The reason for this pathological state is in violation of metabolic processes in nervous tissue. This inevitably leads to problems with the transmission of impulses along nerve fibers, and, depending on the body that the fiber innervates, manifest (more…)

Most sexy male profession

American sexologists have traced the relationship between characteristics of men’s behavior in bed and range of their professional activities. It turned out that the sexuality of men depends on their job duties, and dislike of their profession can even lead to erectile dysfunction which is treated with viagra.

Lawyers, psychologists, doctors

Male sexuality (more…)

Where the doctor live well

Therapists are recognized as the most highly paid professionals in the United States – on average they receive nearly $187,9 thousand a year, or a $15.6 per month. These are the findings of a study conducted by the American recruiting portal Glassdoor, writes Vademecum.

In second place was the Manager of the (more…)

You have the “fat” country

Once again, the U.S. ranked first in number of people suffering obesity and excess weight affects one out of every third American. In Russia this figure is almost two times less. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the Organization for economic cooperation and development, writes Vademecum.

According (more…)

Tramp buried Obamacare

The US President Donald trump said that the American system of health care Obamacare is dead and the new one will be the best in the world. About this he wrote in his account on the microblog Twitter.
– I believe that we will add more money into health care and make (more…)

Vaccination against heroin tested

Vaccine against heroin addiction, developed at the Research Institute of SCRIPPS (The Scripps Research Institute, TSRI), has been successfully tested on primates. This is the first anti-heroin vaccine, which was successful this stage preclinical studies.

“This confirms our previous data obtained during preclinical trials in rodents, and now we expect success in (more…)

Latvian doctors are rebelling

The critical situation in the field of family medicine in Latvia has forced doctors to go on strike. The action is scheduled on July 3, 2017. A warning about doctors sent to the Ministry of health, State labour Inspectorate and the national Council for tripartite cooperation.

According to the President of the (more…)

Blood pressure monitors often lie

Canadian scientists conducted a study on home blood pressure monitors. The results are discouraging: in 70% of the devices for pressure measurement show incorrect data, which can be extremely dangerous for patients with hypertension. As according to Medportal with reference to MedicalXpress , to such conclusion the Professor of medicine from (more…)