Smoking causes weight gain

In society there is a perception that Smoking helps to lose weight. But if a person quits Smoking, there is gaining extra pounds. So many women are afraid to quit a bad habit.

However, according to a new four-year study conducted at the University of Navarra, poisoning the body with nicotine, on (more…)

Japanese men from lung cancer saves soya

Men who do not smoke and eat a lot of soy products less than others subject to risk of lung cancer. To such conclusion the Doctor of Tahiti Simazu from the National cancer center in Tokyo, reports “Reuters”.

As it turned out, soy contains isoflavones, so-called “herbal hormones-estrogens” that has a positive (more…)

Nasal spray may help people with autism

French scientists are convinced that a nasal spray containing oxytocin, you can get rid of some of the symptoms of autism. So suffering from this disease, people using the nasal sprayer became more sociable and relaxed – reports according to “Mail Online”.

Oxytocin causes more favorable location to other people, allows you (more…)