Adolescent girls are torn between starvation and an unhealthy lifestyle

They exclude from their diet protein and dairy products in the hope to lose weight and to look like skinny super-models. As a result, according to the survey, 46% of girls consume too little iron, which increases the risk of anaemia. Such diets are also poor in magnesium and selenium, lack of which leads to insomnia, severe headaches and sharp mood swings. Only 7% of girls in the day he eats the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables. In addition, most do not consume fatty fish, which contains omega-3 – essential for heart and nervous system. The said report also reports that teenage girls drink and smoke more than boys the same age.

“At the same time with the mentioned problems there is another, opposite pole. We are talking about obesity. They suffer about a third of all adolescent girls. Very revealing: they consume two more sweets and chocolate than their mothers at the same age”, says Alison Tedstone, a nutrition expert at the Agency.

Janet Treasure, an expert on eating disorders, also commented on the situation: “Obsession “smallest size” may lead girls to ensure that they will rush between starvation and excessive junk food consumption. And even the fashion industry has put models on the dangerous brink of life and death because of the obsession with thinness. This “fever” is transmitted normal teenagers, they are trying to emulate. There is a risk to get involved in the routine of daily fasting. “.

Last year, super model Kate moss has spawned outrage with his statement: “Nothing can be as delicious as thinness”. And the story with the Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston is a perfect illustration of the possible outcome of all low calorie diets and fasting.