New drug therapy of oncological diseases

Several medicines have proven themselves in the fight against common forms of cancer. We can say that these drugs set a new standard in the treatment of many types of cancer of the prostate, breast and lung. Among these funds there is even one “universal medicine” that can help in various (more…)

Eggs help children to grow

Supplementing the diet with eggs as foods significantly accelerated the growth of children and eliminated the delay in growth of 47%. This was reported in a new study conducted at the School brown (George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Brown School) at Washington University in St. Louis (Washington University in (more…)

In Maine, spotted a deadly virus

The authorities of Maine have reported two new cases of infection dangerous (and potentially deadly) virus, Powassan. This virus is transmitted by ticks, and it can be transmitted by the bite of an infected parasite. In this respect, the virus Powassan similar to borreliae, bacteria that cause Lyme disease, also called (more…)