Pleiotropy. Pleiotropic syndromes

In studies of birth defects clinical dysmorphology constantly confronted with the phenomenon of pleiotropy. Congenital defects are pleiotropy, when the only primary pathogen causes abnormalities in more than one organ system in different parts of the embryo or in multiple structures that arise at different times of fetal life. Agent responsible (more…)

The value of genetics in medicine.

The application of genetics in medicine began in the early twentieth century with the understanding of Garrod and the other doctors that the laws of inheritance Mendel can explain the re-emergence of some diseases in families. Over the next 100 years, medical genetics has grown from a small section engaged in (more…)

Smoking causes weight gain

In society there is a perception that Smoking helps to lose weight. But if a person quits Smoking, there is gaining extra pounds. So many women are afraid to quit a bad habit.

However, according to a new four-year study conducted at the University of Navarra, poisoning the body with nicotine, on (more…)

Japanese men from lung cancer saves soya

Men who do not smoke and eat a lot of soy products less than others subject to risk of lung cancer. To such conclusion the Doctor of Tahiti Simazu from the National cancer center in Tokyo, reports “Reuters”.

As it turned out, soy contains isoflavones, so-called “herbal hormones-estrogens” that has a positive (more…)