Burn and eye injury – what to do? First aid for eye injuries

Eye injuries can be different in nature and severity. One of the most dangerous among them is the eyes burn. This kind of eye injuries in our days are often, as thermal – caused by flames and by electric welding, chemical – caused by exposure to alkaline and acidic agents. Conventionally, a burn of the eye can be divided into four degrees: 1. Damaged only the surface of the eyeball. The conjunctiva and skin of the eyelids red and swollen. 2. Damage to go to the middle layer of the eye. Observed corneal clouding and darkening in his eyes. The skin of the eyelid is covered with small bubbles at the damaged mucosal surface of the eye in visible areas of whitish dying tissue. 3. Burn of cornea penetrates to the deep layers. There is a strong clouding of the cornea, the eye is covered with a dense film. 4. Injury to the retina and cornea. Burn of cornea gets “porcelain” look. There is necrosis of the conjunctiva and of the whole fabric of the century. If you burn the eyes, first and foremost, don’t panic. If the victim is in the room where you have the opportunity to call for help, it is urgent to do it, so as to provide first aid yourself, you will fail. Also urgently need to call an ambulance to take the victim to the eye Department of the trauma center for further treatment. Diagram of first and emergency care for chemical burns to the eye burns to the eyes causes burning pain, desire to apply to the affected eye the ice, or spread it with some ointment to reduce pain. To do it categorically it is impossible! If the burn occurred due to contact with eyes boiling water, steam, hot oil, condensed milk or chemical substances, it is necessary to try to open their eyes and remove a substance that causes pain. To do this, wash thoroughly burnt eyes with plenty of running water, and then diluted with warm brew of black or green tea. Tea is rich in tannin and disinfectant substances that can soothe and mitigate pain. To determine the extent of burns to the eyes and to prescribe treatment should ophthalmologist. Burns 1st degree patient is treated on an outpatient basis under the supervision of a local optometrist. Usually for the treatment of burns of the eyes of 1 degree was appointed to the dripping solutions of 0.5% monomitsin, 0.25% chloramphenicol, 0.02% furatsilina and 3-5 times a day smearing 1% tetracycline ointment. If you burn 2, 3 or 4 degree treatment performed in a hospital where the patient every 2-3 hours doing eye irrigation solution sodium chloride for 20 min, and injections of antibiotics, Poludan, Collision, Vigamox and Tsiprolet. For ever patient lay tetracycline ointment or Sofradeks. Another common type of eye injury – injury. Causes injuries, as a rule, the negligence or fight. Often batted ball, hit in the eye a branch or someone’s fist damages the superficial layers and does not cause severe pain. However, after time, there is a tearing and swelling of the eyes, a bruise, slight blurred vision. Depending on the extent of damage to the eyeball, eye injury may manifest the following symptoms: 1. Damaged cornea and anterior chamber of the eye and if the eye during the attack were covered, that may affect the eyelid. Observed stromal edema and eyelid, the destruction of the structure of the cornea and violating transparency. Swollen eyelid almost completely covers the eye slit. 2. Observed bleeding in the camera eye – hemophthalmus, with the result that it accumulates a bloody exudate, which closes the eye. There is a strong deterioration of vision. 3. Occurs eye contusion, which can lead to rupture of the iris in the center of the pupil and damage to the nerve endings. The pupil is not able to shrink and expand, not reacting to light. 4. A bruise cause dislocation of the lens and cataract. In the case of large impact forces may cause damage to the retina until its detachment. Immediately after an injury to the eye, it is necessary to impose a sterile dressing to secure the affected eye at rest. You then need to call the ambulance and drive to the emergency station, trying to avoid eye movements and head turns. To touch the bruised eyes with your hands is impossible! It is also necessary to immediately stop all physical activity: lifting bags, bending of a trunk and running. In mild cases of eye injury specific treatment is not required, but if the injury is serious, the optometrist needs to prescribe special eye drops and antibiotics to prevent inflammation. Independently use various ointments and folk remedies for the treatment of the eye is not recommended. High risk of developing extremely difficult for vision consequences, the worst of which is retinal detachment and vision loss.