Children who are afraid of the dentist, living in an unstable environment

Approximately 5% of the Swedish population experiencing severe fear of visiting the dentist. One thought about going to the dental office causes these people have a bout of despair and extreme anxiety. This fear can be caused by an unpleasant event in childhood.

Again, children’s experience decided to take Annika Gustavsson, a children’s dentist. She wanted to study children and adolescents of school age, often suffering from tooth decay and very afraid of dentists. She wondered why these people often cancel visits to the doctor, reports “Science Daily.

In a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, involved more than 250 children who are afraid of dentists, along with their parents. Participants described their lives and the family environment. Then these responses are compared with those given to people who are not experiencing fear of the dentist.

It turned out that the children who are afraid of doctors, lived in families with very low income and unhealthy atmosphere. Often they were single-parent families, and children have less free time for leisure, and more psychological problems, than those who quietly visited a dentist.

The parents of the children exposed to fear, also stated that suffer from severe fear of dentists, have problems caused by anxiety and fears, unlike the parents of other children.

Here Annika Gustavsson came to the conclusion that it is often fear of the dentist is laid in the children by their parents, and the General state of nervousness and anxiety that prevails at home, it is necessary to remove with visits to a psychologist, who, it should be noted, such children are much more likely to their peers.

Fortunately, at the moment there is a great variety of methods of anesthesia, such as hypnosis, and in particularly severe cases, full anesthesia.