Complex flavors make us experience a feeling of satiety

She and her colleagues researched the impact on the feeling of satiety and satisfaction from food have different smells. In the course of the experiment, the scientists added two different strawberry flavours in cups of yogurt and asked volunteers to taste. Nose the average person is not able to distinguish these two flavors. In fact, one Cup of yogurt was a simple flavor of one chemical component, and in other – more complex – of the 15 components.

At the end of the tasting, the volunteers were asked which yogurt gave a feeling of satiety. All unanimously said that they feel more satiated after a yogurt with a complex flavor.

Meanwhile, a separate experiment showed that even in the presence of a larger volume of yoghurt volunteers eat the same amount of sour-milk product, regardless of the flavor. This situation is commented Jennifer Coelho,a psychiatrist from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands: “It is not surprising, because we are not stopping immediately once we have received satisfaction from food and feel saturation”.

In recognition Rianne Rbishop, the flavor is just one component that affects the feeling of satiety. There are plans to change the texture of the yogurt, which will allow to develop foods that can cause a greater sense of satiety. Then, the Dieter can consume less food during the day.