Eggs help children to grow

Supplementing the diet with eggs as foods significantly accelerated the growth of children and eliminated the delay in growth of 47%. This was reported in a new study conducted at the School brown (George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Brown School) at Washington University in St. Louis (Washington University in St. Louis). In previous works it was reported about such effect from ingestion of eggs to children, but the results were much more modest.

“Eggs are available, they are easy to buy, says Laura Iannotti (Lora Iannotti), leader of the study. — While eggs are a good source of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of young children. Eggs can contribute to the fight against stunted growth worldwide.”

The work of the “Eggs in foods and their effects on growth” (Eggs in Complementary Feeding and Growth) was published in the online version of the journal Pediatrics.

Iannotti, and her colleagues conducted a randomized controlled trial in Ecuador in 2015, Children aged 6-9 months were randomly divided in two groups. Participants first for 6 months gave one egg per day, and members of the second. Introduction in a diet of eggs increased by such indicators as the ratio of height to age and weight-for-age. In addition, the prevalence of stunting decreased by 47% and the prevalence of underweight by 74%. Children from the experimental group received more eggs and less food with added sugar compared with children in the control group.

“We were surprised at how effective was this simple intervention,” says Iannotti.
The researcher also explained that the egg is a complete food, well packaged and available even to people in the regions poor in resources. In this respect, eggs prove to be the best lure than many other products.

“In the study, we carefully observed, will not develop if an allergic reaction to eggs — but not a single case of allergies we have not seen. Parents or guardians of children who participated in the work, also reported allergic reactions during our weekly visits, adds, Iannotti. — Apparently, eggs can be considered a reliable source of recommended nutrients for children in developing countries.”