Insulin will soon be available in tablets

A real breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry managed to make scientists in India, they created the tablet form of insulin. Moreover, the problem of the effectiveness of the new drug, animal experiments have shown not less the performance of established pills, compared with injections produced by patients with diabetes.

The problem of developing oral forms of insulin before the world farmaindustria for a long time. Representatives of Western companies in the production of medicines promised the creation of such tablets with the hormone insulin around 2020. Just recently, in Punjab, experts from the National Institute of pharmaceutical research reported that completed tests that prove that created medications can replace insulin injections.

The main difficulty of the invention this means is that while in the stomach, hydrochloric acid and enzymes of the digestive system splits insulin, and the absorbability of the drug into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract is very low. Scientists from India have managed to cope with the task by serious protection active substances.

In addition, insulin was surrounded by a liposome, placing it in the lipid capsule, they added to protect the molecules of polyelectrolytes, creating several protective layers. To enhance the absorption of insulin in the intestine, in addition to liposomes added folic acid and vitamin B.

Studies conducted in rodents, have confirmed successful invention by the fact that tablet form lowers blood sugar as effectively as the injections, but it was also found that the effect of the pill was longer.

Further the innovative pills must undergo clinical tests on humans and if the results are successful as well, it will be a great relief for millions of people with diabetes, because the pills are much more convenient and easier to take than to produce daily injections.

In the journal biomacromolecules is there were announced the results of these experiments that the scientific community made a splash. In the U.S., the experts investigate and develop options create opportunities to deliver the hormone by means of pulsed ultrasound, may also create an alternative to intravenous administration of the drug.