Japanese men from lung cancer saves soya

Men who do not smoke and eat a lot of soy products less than others subject to risk of lung cancer. To such conclusion the Doctor of Tahiti Simazu from the National cancer center in Tokyo, reports “Reuters”.

As it turned out, soy contains isoflavones, so-called “herbal hormones-estrogens” that has a positive impact on human health. They are also a good protection against cancer. This includes lung cancer, because lung cells are presumably able to respond to the impact of isoflavones.

To test this, Dr. the Tahiti Simazu colleagues and I studied for eleven years, more than 36 thousand of Japanese aged 45 to 74 years. To study the dynamics of their health were taken into account factors such as culinary preferences, the presence or absence of bad habits, and so on.

Overall, the number of cases of lung cancer was small. Revealing the following data: Among 13,000 men who never smoked and did not consume soy, there were 22 cases of cancer. And among men who ate soy in large quantities, cancer cases are counted only 13. At the same time, daily consumption of soybean was significantly different in each case: from 34 to 162 grams. The female part of the observed reporting statistics to draw was not necessary, as the number of cases of cancer of women was negligible.

For a more objective research scientists have yet to study the response of soybeans of other ethnicities, and included in the list of possible risk factors “passive Smoking”.