Latvian doctors are rebelling

The critical situation in the field of family medicine in Latvia has forced doctors to go on strike. The action is scheduled on July 3, 2017. A warning about doctors sent to the Ministry of health, State labour Inspectorate and the national Council for tripartite cooperation.

According to the President of the Association of family doctors sarmīte veide, July 3 family practice physicians refuse to do their work before the time, until an agreement is reached with the government and the Ministry of health on the implementation of their demands, writes “Medvednik”.

To strike doctors decided after ongoing negotiations since March with representatives of the Ministry of health ended in failure. Family doctors need to increase salaries, and also insist on increase of tariffs for their services. One of the requirements is to increase capitali (funding for the work practice of a family doctor) from the current € 1.25 30% annually in the next three years. Doctors also need to increase fees for their manipulation of not less than 45% in 2018.

The Association requires over three years to increase the salaries of nurses and physician’s assistants by 30% per year, to support the development of independent practices.

In addition, they seek deferral of the mandatory use of family doctors e-health: according to them, this can be done only a year after we obtained convincing data about the functionality of the system and sufficient protection of personal data of patients.

– Recent developments suggest that the Latvian right of patients to receive care from the family doctor and the abilities of physicians to treat patients in the near future, will undergo even greater dangers, – reads the statement of the Association.