Most sexy male profession

American sexologists have traced the relationship between characteristics of men’s behavior in bed and range of their professional activities. It turned out that the sexuality of men depends on their job duties, and dislike of their profession can even lead to erectile dysfunction which is treated with viagra.

Lawyers, psychologists, doctors

Male sexuality they have developed well. This category is quite passionate about health and is therefore very selective in sexual partners. Those, in turn, can be sure the sex will be safe. However, to enter into an intimate relationship, the representatives of these professions are not in a hurry. They are very afraid of rejection, so often do not hurry with the confessions.


These creative individuals routine contraindicated. In order to keep his idol beside him, the woman herself needs to be emotional and creative. Every night love must not be like the other – only then will the artist be interested. And, of course, it is always necessary praise.

Politicians, coaches, managers and freelancers

They like quick, non-committal sex. For these people there is no concept of eternal love, as each day is full of new discoveries, events and women. People “in free flight” nothing prevents to make love in a public toilet, on the desktop, etc.
Sex in unexpected places gives them adrenaline. But, as a rule, the sexual act itself is short-lived, and the feelings to the object of desire fade away immediately after physical satisfaction.


Their male sexuality scholars have equated almost to zero. People most of his life conducting at the computer, hard enough to communicate with a live person. With time and sex becomes purely virtual. Programmers with experience are to women as cars for fun. And if they don’t change jobs, most likely, say sexologists, this will continue.


In bed, these people often fail, however, compensate for their nesostoyatel spine tight wallet. Sexual problems of these people is understandable – they always lay the burden of responsibility. Forced by the nature of its activities to communicate with a huge number of people to be constantly gathered, with no one to confide, these leaders ahead of time become impotent.

Law enforcement, athletes

This group of people – subordinates for life. The coach said to go on a diet – they will sit, week on exercises in the fields – no problem. The same with sex. If it is, well, no – abstinence is also helpful.


Russian scientists were able to trace an unexpected pattern. It turned out that most people, accustomed to command subordinates and to make decisions for the whole team to behave quieter water below the grass. They are easy to manipulate and, in recognition of the companions of these men, bed managers – masochists.


People with a mathematical turn of mind, found a use in the development of science, it is highly ambiguous. First and foremost, they are very closed, they are difficult to bring to the conversation. Second, scholars tend to routinely analyse their own and others actions on the basis of which they build their own picture of the world, sometimes very different from reality.
The feelings of these people are poorly developed, as “mathematics” more trust in logic. In sex they can behave in two ways. The female body may be the basis for new discoveries or the place of execution, being very comfortable to broadcast on spiritual values.

Financiers, operators, pilots

They’ll never know the beauty of sex quickie. This solid people need time to prepare, and the process itself.

A dangerous profession for sex

Workers of hot shops – high temperature adversely affects the quality of male sperm and reduces the potency.
Asphalt pavers, miners, drivers – these people suffer from a form of vibration disease, which gradually shuts down vital, including the genitals.