Nasal spray may help people with autism

French scientists are convinced that a nasal spray containing oxytocin, you can get rid of some of the symptoms of autism. So suffering from this disease, people using the nasal sprayer became more sociable and relaxed – reports according to “Mail Online”.

Oxytocin causes more favorable location to other people, allows you to believe the words of a particular person. He also participates in the formation of the relationship of mother and child and is associated with sexual attraction.

Scientists watched 13 people who have autism were not manifested in severe form. After inhalation contained in spray hormone, they are better to read other people’s emotions and it is easier to make eye contact with other people.

Despite the obvious positive effect, the effect of spray short-lived, and scientists have yet to figure out if I can use it as a medicine. However, this direction is very promising, because current treatment is limited to drugs that control aggression and behavioral therapy.

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