Found a new method of anesthesia that allows you to maintain motor ability

Scientists from Children’s hospital Boston under the direction of Daniel Kōan found a new method of anesthesia in which pain sensation is removed, and the motor ability is not lost. This kind of anesthesia can be useful in childbirth and diseases of the musculoskeletal system when to maintain mobility is simply unrealistic, reports InformNauka.

Initially, scientists searched for a way to prolong the effect of anesthesia of existing products. For this, they began to explore surface-active substances, which easily penetrate into the tissues of the body and gradually release them portable analgesic drug.

Testing on rats three types of surface-active agents along with lidocaine, the researchers found that the combination of these substances with anesthetics prolongs the analgesic effect more than seven hours. In this case, the blocking of neurons responsible for motor skills, not extended.

The researchers also failed to ensure that motor functions are not blocked. It is easily identified by the fact that rodents could move normally on the surface of the hot tile.

The authors of the study explain this phenomenon: surfactants have greater penetrating power into the nerve fibers to the sensory neurons. Here’s a more dense sheath of motor neurons act as a trap, accumulating anesthetic and not allowing it to penetrate directly into the neuron.

Now scientists remains to find the optimal combination of surfactants and analgesic substances, and to conduct tests on large animals.

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