Obesity is dangerous not only for women themselves but for their children

Dr. Bilbo of Duke University is convinced that women who are obese, subjected to the terrible danger of their future children, because due to the excess weight of the mother they may develop Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, noted, “Live Science”.

This conclusion scientist colleagues came, after an experiment on rats. Rodents were divided into groups and put on three different diets. One diet contained little fat, the second contains a lot of saturated fat, and the third the TRANS fats. Rats were fed for four weeks before mating and during lactation. In the end, the rats sitting on the second diet, became obese.

Next, the scientists analyzed the brain of newborn rats. Those born to mothers who are obese immediately after the birth was marked inflammatory reaction and the release of harmful substances known as cytokine. This situation did not change even when small rodents have grown up, and sat down on a low calorie diet. Rats born from normal mothers, does not suffer.

The researchers believe that similar processes can be observed in the human body, but yet to perform additional analysis. They also point out that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, stroke and heart disease – all associated with inflammatory processes that have been detected in experimental rats.

Hence the conclusion: women obese during pregnancy have to get better up to five pounds. If a woman gains more, there is a threat to the health of the child.