Insulin will soon be available in tablets

A real breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry managed to make scientists in India, they created the tablet form of insulin. Moreover, the problem of the effectiveness of the new drug, animal experiments have shown not less the performance of established pills, compared with injections produced by patients with diabetes.

The problem of (more…)

A new generation of antibiotics

Researchers from the University of East Anglia (University of East Anglia, UK) approached the problem of antibiotic resistance. A new study published in the journal Nature, reveals the mechanism by which antibiotic-resistant bacteria cells support a protective barrier.

The obtained results open the way for a new wave of drugs hitting superbugs, (more…)

Violations of the regulation of genes by transcription factors: polysyndactyly

Fundamental mechanisms during development

  • Regulation of genes by transcription factors.
  • Intercellular signaling through direct contact and morphogeny.
  • Induction of shape and cell polarity.
  • Moving cells.
  • Programmable cell death.

Regulation of genes by transcription factors

Transcription factors control the development by altering the expression of genes, including other transcription factors. Group functioning together of (more…)

The human embryogenesis. Theodosiya and stem cells

In the course of development, cells divide (reproduce), acquire new functions or structure (differencemode), move within the embryo (migrate) and undergo programmed death (often via apoptosis). These four major cellular process that act in different combinations and in different ways lead to growth and morphogenesis (literally “creation of form”), creating the (more…)

Genetics of development: the impact of genes and environment

Development is determined by genes that interact with cellular and environmental surroundings. Involved gene products include transcription regulators, factors of diffusion of interacting with cells and guides them along specific development pathways to receptors for such factors, structural proteins, intracellular signaling molecules and much more. Not surprisingly, the most numerous developmental (more…)