Consideration of reasons, primarily secretes a hormone factors causing this disease, samlaut specialists So, there is evidence of the fact that the overabundance in the body of male sex hormones, which, as you probably know, are called androgens, and the overabundance of testosterone in particular, triggered a specific trigger that defines the beginning of the development of cancer.

Due to hormones triggered by intense development and growth of epithelial cells of the prostate, this in turn often becomes the reason for its malignant degeneration. Plays a role in the development of prostate cancer and a genetic predisposition, and especially the nutritious diet.

Almost twice increases the risk of men prostate cancer while transferring close relatives of cancer of this body. At the sight of the two diseases and a large number of relatives, the risk increases accordingly, and up to 11 times. Unfavorable factor for prostate health is excess in the diet of fatty foods.

So, this food contains a styrene fraction, acting as a kind of building material for sex hormones men, and therefore due to this feature, the excess consumption of fatty foods leads to an increase of their synthesis in the body. As risk factors are also ethnicity, there may be a factor in inherent male sexual behavior, characteristics of professional activity. On average, it is noted that the duration of tumor development of the prostate is of the order of about twenty years.