Scientists have named the 10 enemies of erection

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According to the researchers, the causes of erectile dysfunction are many. One of them is depression. During the depression of the arousal is in the brain, and then smoothly moves down. If the head is constantly swarming with negative thoughts, the excitement disappears and erection weakens. The same situation causes and stress.

Alcohol, drugs, Smoking also affect erection. In the case of alcohol erection problems are temporary, but with drugs and Smoking is much more complicated. Problems with potency can lead not only antidepressants, but also other drugs.

This side effect may have pain or pressure normalizing means. Anger, anxiety and low self-esteem – also are not assistants in the sexual life. Much difficult to tune in an intimate way, when a person is in anger, worry about problems at work or are not confident in their sexual abilities. The extra weight can not only lead to serious cardiovascular diseases, but also affect testosterone levels, reduce libido, and with it, respectively, and erection. In addition, completeness is one of the cause of hypertension and seal arteries, which can decrease blood flow to the sex organ. The last reason is the loss of erection is health problems. Various diseases can affect the nerves, muscles or blood vessels responsible for erections. But some men solve this problem by taking medication and drugs to improve erections: viagra, cialis and other.