Smoking causes weight gain

In society there is a perception that Smoking helps to lose weight. But if a person quits Smoking, there is gaining extra pounds. So many women are afraid to quit a bad habit.

However, according to a new four-year study conducted at the University of Navarra, poisoning the body with nicotine, on the contrary, is associated with weight gain. Thus, active smokers are gaining more weight than non-smokers, reports Science Daily.

In total, the study used data of 7565 people. The analysis was based on age, gender, body weight and lifestyle of people. Weight gain after people quit Smoking was directly proportional to the volume of cigarettes that he smoked. But, most principled, during the study more weight gained and the real smokers.

Uchenye from the Department of preventive medicine at the University stress: weight gain and nicotine dependence lead to the development of heart disease. While the nicotine addiction contributes to the development of obesity, which increases significantly the risk of serious illnesses.

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