The man died with a dip in the ocean after applying the tattoo

A man aged 31 years died infected by dangerous bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly before bathing the victim had a tattoo on his right leg, and the recommendation not to swim in the ocean, at least two weeks after painting, he ignored.

As reported in the online edition of BMJ Case Reports, the man was infected by Vibrio vulnificus, a dangerous pathogen often found in estuaries and in coastal waters. During infection of wounds with this bacterium death occurs in approximately 25% of cases.

Soon after bathing, the man was shivering and fever. Around the place of application of the tattoo formed rash. In the next two days the symptoms worsened, and the man went to the hospital. By the time the patient began to receive medical care, his leg has already acquired a violet tint, and on my right ankle close to the tattoo began to form deep wounds.

Doctors immediately suspected infection with V. vulnificus. The first day in the hospital, the man was on a ventilator fighting sepsis. The patient’s immune system was depleted by infection, in addition, the patient began multiple organ failure. Although after a few weeks of treatment, the patient’s condition luchilos, the damage inflicted on the body were too severe. After two months spent in intensive care, the man died.

In the description of a clinical case emphasizes that the treatment was complicated by chronic liver disease caused by years of alcohol abuse. The authors believe that the presence of liver dysfunction, presumably, may increase the risk of death from V. vulnificus infection and physicians should take into account this factor in the appointment of treatment. This can increase the chances of a successful outcome, but do not guarantee it.

“Unfortunately, even if we determined that the liver of the patient is broken, we could not offer any therapeutic strategy, in addition to antibiotics, treatment of wounds and maintenance of the vital functions of the body, says lead author Dr. Nicholas Hedren (Nicholas Hedren). — Even with appropriate antibacterial drugs and supportive therapy, this infection is very dangerous. Many patients die when it spreads through the body”.

To get infected with V. vulnificus only through microtrauma of the tattoo, but also by eating raw seafood, such as oysters. If successful scenario, the infection will be defeated with antibiotics, but bad scenario will develop sepsis, causes the body to attack itself trying to rid of pathogens.

The optimal strategy for treatment when infected by V. vulnificus yet, but work in this direction is underway. Interestingly, among patients who develop endotoksicski shock, 85% are men and only 15% were women. As has been demonstrated in one study, estrogen protects against dangerous bacteria.