The measles outbreak in U.S.: accused of antitreponemal

In last year’s “American region” (region of the Americas) solemnly declared victory over measles. But there it was: a publication of the Washington Post reports that Minnesota began a terrible epidemic, and the culprit — antivaccination. The number of cases in one state exceeded the number of cases over the past year across the country.

In 2016 the international expert Commission for registration and confirmation of the elimination of measles, rubella and congenital rubella in America announced the eradication of the disease in the Americas and the adjacent island States. But it was necessary to rejoice not for long — in April in Minnesota officially confirmed that the epidemic has started. Yes, some in one state, there are 73 cases, whereas last year all over the country had registered 70 cases.

The epidemic began among immigrants from Somalia in Minnesota is the largest in the country community. According to the state Department of health, 61 of the 73 cases — that the Somalis, with 68 — not vaccinated. According to the Washington Post, the responsibility for this epidemic lies with antivaccination. In 2004, the proportion of vaccinated children among us Somalis in Minnesota reached 92%, but has now dropped to 42%.

Probably the roots of the current troubles is found in 2008, when the parents of the Somalis began to talk about the fact that the community too many children with autism. A study of the local health Department showed that among preschoolers of Somali origin is indeed unusual many of those who enrolled in a special program for people with autism. But after studying the issue more closely, researchers from the University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota) came to the conclusion that the risk of disease for Somalis and whites is about the same — 1 out of 32 versus 1 out of 36.

But by the time the study was completed in December 2013, antivaccination already developed a frenzied activity. According to BBC and The Washington Post, in 2010-2011, they are at least three times invited to the meeting with the American Somalis “father” antiprivivochnaya movement, Andrew Wakefield (Andrew Wakefield). In 1998, Wakefield published in Lancet an article that talked about the connection between vaccinations and autism. Since then, scientists have conducted several similar studies on larger samples, there is no connection between vaccination and autism did not find, an article from the journal was withdrawn, and the Wakefield was accused of fraud and was disbarred. However, to eradicate unfounded myth and failed, and compromised the “doctor” so and calmed down. “The Somalis have decided that they are particularly concerned, — quotes The Washington Post, the words of Wakefield recent interview. I just responded to it.” “I don’t feel responsibility,” he said.

Even now, when the epidemic is in full swing, antireligioznik not back down from their beliefs. Public radio international (Public Radio International) is an organization with headquarters in Minnesota reported that at the meeting of the Somali community and representatives of the health activist handing out leaflets. They said that “some children vaccines cause permanent brain damage and sometimes even death.” “I thought, “I’m in America.” I thought I was safe, and my children will never contract the disease” — quoted by The Washington Post, the words Suaeda Salah (Salah Suaado), which had the measles as a child and emigrated from Somalia as a teenager. Suaeda listened to antitreponemal, and recently her daughter also became a victim of the epidemic.

There are, however, good news: thanks to the outbreak the number of people wishing to get vaccinated has increased dramatically. If the epidemic in the local health Department did 2700 vaccinations against rubella, measles and mumps in a week, after that number had jumped to 9700. The Americans of Somali origin had received 30 doses of vaccinations in a week, and now 500.