The most passionate lovers – coffee drinkers

Many a drink coffee not only allows us to Wake up in the morning, but also affects our whole body in General. As reported levitra is proven that after a Cup of soft drink that people become more sociable, and this property is successfully used in business negotiations. Now scientists have discovered that coffee is interconnected with the libido of a man and lover you can easily recognize in bed on several grounds.


It was believed that coffee is harmful, especially in sexual terms – supposedly it can cause impotence. But the researchers argue the opposite – it can not only improve the potency of men, but also affect sexual life of a woman.

First, the human libido is higher the more he drinks coffee. Then, these people often have sex, prefer variety in bed and, accordingly, receive more pleasure from love comfort. Coffee drinkers are among the most passionate lovers, and men drinking this drink, more motile sperm that several times increases the likelihood of conception.

The effect of coffee on sexual activity scientists explain the presence of caffeine, which is an effective stimulator (strong aphrodisiac), exacerbating the body’s reaction to sensual stimuli. In addition, it improves metabolism, stimulates the heart and promotes healthy circulation. And conducted by British scientists study showed that the coffee lover can not be afraid of menopause. Women aged over 50 years, constantly consume refreshing drink, not to fall into depression and continue to enjoy sex life. And more young women caffeine can stimulate the release into the blood of endorphins, which improves mood and increases sexual arousal.

It is worth noting that a very large amount of alcohol consumed per day, coffee can only do harm to your health. It is recommended that no more than 3-4 cups no sugar added and milk.