Tramp buried Obamacare

The US President Donald trump said that the American system of health care Obamacare is dead and the new one will be the best in the world. About this he wrote in his account on the microblog Twitter.
– I believe that we will add more money into health care and make it better than anywhere else. Obamacare is dead – the Republicans will do much better! – said the American leader.

Trump also said tax reform will open up significant advantages for all citizens of the United States.

Earlier, the House of representatives approved the bill to repeal health care reform, conducted by ex-US President Barack Obama Now the document should pass the vote in the Senate, which is expected to take place in June 2017.

The act affordable care (Affordable Care Act or Obamacare) came into force in 2010. According to the document, all U.S. residents were required to purchase health insurance.

The previous President of America was considered a creation of the law on affordable health care is a huge breakthrough, although against the introduction of the compulsory medical insurance policies at the stage of project preparation were many people in the country.

The abolition bill became the basis of the election campaign trump, proposing as an alternative system of special accounts – Health Savings Accounts (HSA), which will hold the funds intended for payment of medical services.