The who said the reasons for the deaths of teenagers

Annually in the world die more than 1.2 million teenagers, and almost all deaths are preventable, according to a new report by the world health organization. Among the most common causes of deaths who calls infections of the lower respiratory tract, which is comparable to the death in a road accident and suicides.

The five main causes of juvenile mortality include death as a result of harm to their health, diarrhoeal diseases and drowning.

Who experts note that when splitting results by age and sex were significant differences in performance. Thus, among boys/young men 10-19 years of age primary cause of death was road traffic injuries, which claimed the lives of more than 88.5 thousand adolescent boys in 2015, and among girls of the same age – infections of the lower respiratory tract, as a result of infection which died 36,6 thousand people.

Complications of pregnancy – haemorrhage, sepsis, obstructed labour and complications of unsafe abortion is the main cause of death in girls aged 15-19 years.

It is noted that 45% of the cases occurred in low and middle income in Africa and 26% in South-East Asia. With proper health services, education and social support most of the deaths among adolescents can be prevented, the authors of the report.

The who recommends that, among the measures to improve the health of adolescents, in particular, comprehensive sex education in schools, raising the age limit for alcohol consumption, the adoption of laws on compulsory use of seat-belts and helmets, restricting access to firearms, reducing levels of pollution of indoor air through the use of cleaner fuels for cooking, access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.