Where the doctor live well

Therapists are recognized as the most highly paid professionals in the United States – on average they receive nearly $187,9 thousand a year, or a $15.6 per month. These are the findings of a study conducted by the American recruiting portal Glassdoor, writes Vademecum.

In second place was the Manager of the pharmacy profession (average salary – $149,1 thousand a year), the third – patent attorney (average salary – $139,2 thousand a year).

Fourth place in the ranking was taken by the staff working in the field of clinical research – specialists in scientific and medical information and relations with health care providers. Often hire such professionals in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington and in the average paid $132,8 thousand a year.

In fifth place – pharmacists who earn 125,84 thousand a year and often required in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Seventh place was taken by the paramedics, whose average income is $112,529 thousand a year, nine managers who work in the area of clinical research ($111,9 thousand a year); 14th – nurses of the highest caliber, who earn an average of $104,1 thousand a year.

The TOP 25 most paid jobs in USA also included engineers, nuclear power plants, lawyers, analysts, managers in the field of IT, system administrators, programmers.

According to statistics of US labor Department, the highest paid medical professionals in the United States are anesthesiologists with an average income of $258 thousand per year.

According to the survey conducted by the Vademecum, in Russia the average income of doctor in public health facilities was about $4 569 per year.